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'Uniform Shop Newsflash'
Due to our offshore supplier having manufacturing/ shipping delays, our Brisbania Polo shirt order (of 500 shirts, placed in Oct 2017), is delayed, and therefore we may run low on Polos during Feb. We received arrival advice this week, when usually they have arrived by this time of the year.We‘ve been advised, by our local supplier, to expect them "2nd or 3rd week of Feb".
Currently, we have in stock, plenty of Size 4, but very low on Size 6 and low on Size 8.
Most other sizes we have plenty in stock.
We suggest
- Managing with what you have if possible, for rest of February
- Checking our second-hand stock rack, ($5 each)
- Placing an online order and we will deliver to your class as soon as the new stock arrives.
We will open on Friday 8:30am - 9:30am as usual and process any orders (placed by cut off Thurs 4:50pm) as best we can. These will be delivered to the classroom as usual.
Julie Hale, Uniform Shop Coordinator