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Musical Note Sent home from 5/6B

Reminder - 5/6B Parents/Caregivers (note going home today)

Thursday 27th August Dress Rehearsal- 5/6B need to arrive at school dressed in their first costume (if they are doing a main act first they wear those clothes, if they are doing our class dance first they wear our dance costume). Buses leave at 9:15am sharp. Please ensure your child is at school on time and ready to go. Mrs Howe will be marking my roll and taking 5/6B as I will already be at the venue.

Wednesday 2nd September Matinee- Again, students arrive dressed in their first costume. Buses leave at 9:30am sharp. Mrs Howe will be marking my roll again.
Wednesday 2nd September Evening Performance-Students arrive to Erina High School bus COLA at 6pm Sharp and meet Mrs Woodard-Knight who will be taking 5/6B. Mrs Woodard-Knight along with the stage 3 teachers will be supervising 5/6B on the night.


Please assist your child in organising and remembering their costumes, particularly if they have main parts. Label all clothes/costumes clearly and if they need to get changed, provide labeled bag for them to put their costumes/clothes back into.

Due to a tight bus schedule, we do not have time to ring homes if students forget or misplace costumes.

*Tie-Dyed Singlets……WARNING-These will run if you wash them!!! I would hate for you to put them through the wash and have your clothes ruined!!!

Thank you for your assistance - Miss Babbage