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Brisbania School Swim Team travelled to Peninsula Leisure Centre on Monday to represent the school at the Brisbane Waters PSSA District Swimming Carnival.

All children performed to the best of their ability and showed great morale and support for each other. 

The following students are now off to represent our district at the Sydney North Swimming Carnival being held at SOPAC on Wednesday 24th March.  We wish you all the best.

Tannah - Breaststroke Girls 11yrs

Tara-Lily - Snr Girls Breaststroke

Mollie - Snr Girls Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly and Snr Girls Relay

Darcie - Snr Girls Relay

Olivia - Snr Girls Relay

Amy - Snr Girls Relay


Mrs Collins reported behaviour and pride shown in the school was exceptional.  A fantastic day and a pleasure to be represented by a great group of children. Special thanks to Mrs Howarth as Team Manager, parents and grandparents for their support and transportation to and from this event.