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News Flash . . . ....

NEWS FLASH.........
We have just received 4 VIP tickets to NITRO CIRUS @ Sydney. Tickets were donated to the school and will be raffled for Mothers Day - Huge prize for the whole family.....

read on...

The world's most exciting, adrenalin...-charged, live action-sports show, Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus Live, is gearing up for the biggest and most spectacular tour in its history, when it returns to Australian shores in May, 2014, with 45 of the world's greatest action sports athletes, bringing a brand-new, death-defying extravaganza to fans down under.

The 2014 tour will bring together the greatest action sports cast ever assembled in FMX, BMX, Skate and a range of unique contraptions you will only see at a Nitro Show. The charge will be led by the man himself, 17 times X Games medallist, Travis Pastrana, returning on the bike in Australia, for the first time since 2010, after 3 years away from the sport of FMX.

Aussie fans will be treated to a newly designed, multi-million dollar set with unbelievable features that will be seen for the very first time worldwide, on this tour.

The show will feature the brand new ‘triganta-ramp', a world first 3 hit, BMX rhythm set up, where riders on a range of contraptions will perform continuous, choreographed stunts, the like of which have never been seen before.

Add to this Nitro Golf, where riders launch themselves off the Giganta-Ramp and attempt to land in the tiny hole of a zorb ball, set 50ft away.

Then add in the Nitro ‘Launch and Splat' plus a host of mind-bending new tricks on a cavalcade of ridiculous, never before seen contraptions off the jacked up Nitro Gigant-A-Ramp, which is now 10 feet bigger, and will launch riders up to 20 feet further than ever before.

The whole show will be set to a brand new ‘"Retro Circus" theme, with a spectacular and hilarious look and feel.