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The children and teachers at Brisbania would like to invite you to our annual Father's Day event for 2010. 

To begin the morning we will be serving sausage sandwiches with tea/coffee for the adults. 

Unfortunately this year, the breakfast is NOT provided by 'Dad's in Education.'

Cost: $2 per order. Orders have to be sent in prior.

Time: 7.30am - 8.30am

Venue: COLA


**Please pre order to help with our catering.  Please fin in the slip below and return to class teacher with money by Friday 20th August.


At 7.30am till 8.20am, fathers can enjoy breakfast with their children. 

At 8.20am all dads are invited into the classrooms to read the students' Father's Day writing.

At 8.50am we will all meet back in the COLA for the drawing of the raffle that the P & C will be holding.

There are terrific prizes so make sure you buy your tickets during the breakfast.


Sausage Sandwich Pre Order

Childs Name:______________  Class: __________  Number of Orders: ______ at $2 per order.


Amount Enclosed: $ ______