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Brisbania School Fete

The Brisbania Spring Fete is Coming.........
Having spent months deliberating, cogitating and changing our class stalls, they have now finally been confirmed as follows:

KDC - Hoop La Stall - Parent Coordinator, Danielle

KK - Canteen - ...Parent Coordinator, Kristie Hughes

K/1T - Balloons/Feathers in hair - Parent Coordinator, Kristy Garner

1C - Raffle - Parent Coordinator, TBC

1S - Cake Stall - Coordinator, Tamara Slattery

1/2SH - BBQ Pork Pulled Buns - Parent Coordinator, Liza Moulton

2NF Face Painting - Parent Coordinator, TBC

2T - Snow Cone/Fairy Floss - Parent Coordinator, Kathie Watterson

3D & 3K - Trash & Treasure (Boutique Antiques)
Parent Coordinators 3D - Melissa Hacksall/Suzanne Sapsford
Parent Coordinator 3K - Narelle Mackell-Wong

4S - Toys & Kids Books - Parent Coordinator, Kathie Watterson

4WS - Lucky Dip - Parent Coordinator, Alison Biffone

4/5H - Chocolate Wheel - Parent Coordinator, TBC

5/6E - Chocolate Prizes - Parent Coordinatorn TBC

5/6A - The Lolly Stall - Parent Coordinator, Karen Lensen

5/6B - Drinks Stations - Parent Coordinator, Jo Swanston

Please note that 4 class stalls are still looking for a coordinator, so if you are able to spare time to help organise your class stall, then please contact your class teacher as soon as possible.

Finally, if you can help on the day, even for a short period of time, please complete the attached parent helper form and return it to your teacher. This note will also be sent home with Monday Note.

Thanks to everyone giving time to support the fete - the effort and proceeds from the fete all go to enhancing your children's school experience.
Many thanks,
Andrea Young - Brisbania P&C Fete Coordinator

Stall Helpers (pdf 106 KB)