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Brisbania Family Fun Fete

Wow,Wow, Wow.......what a wonderful effort from our school community to work together to create a wow o fa fete. We were very lucky with the weather. There was no luck needed in the organisation of  the fete thanks to Andrea Young and her team.


Many hands on the day shared the workload. From early morning to late afternoon I had people coming up and asking ‘what can I do to help'. All stalls had plenty of helpers. Lots of people dropped in cakes and white elephant items. Every little bit helped. Set up and clean up was easy because we had many people available to help out.


At the time of printing we were still counting money and paying accounts from the fete so I don't have a final figure. I hope to announce the fete profit in next week's newsletter.


Thank you to our hardworking P & C team for all of their work. A special thank you to Andrea Young

 – P& C President and Fete Co-ordinator.


Thank you to the parents that took on the role of stall co-ordinators for each class. Your hardwork in attending meetings, preparing your stall, organising helpers and running your stall is greatly appreciated.


I want to particularly recognise the work of my wonderful staff over many weeks in preparation for the fete and in working on the day of the fete. Thank you for giving your time to make the fete a great success.

Thanks to Mrs Heazlewood for organising the inter-school dance competition, thank you to the Saratoga Fire Brigade for setting up their display, thank you to Lorna and Julie for running the Historical Exhibition and thank you to our wonderful local businesses.

We have a great group of community minded business people operating their stores at Saratoga/Davistown that not only gave generously to the fete but help out throughout the year.