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Recent Notes Sent Home Week 5

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Recent  notes sent home during Week 5


Fathers' Day Breakfast

Fathers' Day 2018 (pdf 416 KB)


Zone Athletics Carnival

Zone Athletics 2018 (pdf 297 KB)


Stage 2 (Y3 & Y4) Taronga Zoo Incursion

Stage 2 Tarongo Zoo Visit (pdf 46 KB)


Year 5 Primary Fun Day @ Erina HS

Y5 Erina HS Fun Day 2018 (pdf 203 KB)


Y6 Farewell Committee Meeting

Dear Year 6 Farewell Volunteers,

I would like to hold a meeting next Wednesday afternoon in 6WM classroom (29 August) at 3:10pm. We now have a number of volunteers to help out. Please consider whether you would like to coordinate the group, as I think it is important we have someone to keep everything on track. 

If you can't make the meeting, I (or the new coordinator) can pass the minutes on to you. Once you have a coordinator, you may be able to meet at later times to suit everyone. Later times are tricky for me as I have little ones and my partner often works late or is away.

The students have voted on a theme. They do not know the results of the vote, so we can keep it as a surprise. 

See you next week!

Kind regards,

Leanne Howarth