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Canteen News


"When ordering your child's lunch could you please make a second choice of food and drink.
As of Monday 2nd December - next week, the canteen will be running out of stocks with no orders placed to suppliers.
Stocks of LOL's have already run out with Golden Circle unable to supply at present.
At this stage all food items are available but pies, sausage rolls, burgers, wraps and pizzas will run out.
Toasted sandwiches along with yummy drummy's will still be available.
Please use the example below;

CHILDS NAME:                     CHILDS CLASS:
1st Choice - 2 yummy drummy's
2nd Choice - Toasted cheese & tomato sandwich

1st Choice - Chocolate milk
2nd Choice - Water

Thank you for your continued support and patronage of Brisbania Canteen.
Thank you also to the wonderful Parents and Grandparents who give up their valuable time to help make lunch for your children.
Without them we would not be able to have a school canteen.

I wish all of you and your families a very Merry, Safe and Happy Christmas.
Paula Egan
Canteen Manager