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Book Week & Book Parade

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As this may be the first time you have had the experience of a Book Week Parade at Brisbania Public School, here is a little more information for you.

                                    Date:    Tuesday 21st August, 2012

                                    Time:    11.20 to 12.00 approx.

                                    Place:   In the COLA

             Frequently asked questions?

             What are some ideas for costumes?

  • Any nursery rhyme character like Little Boy Blue, Old Mother Hubbard, Little Bo Peep, Georgie Porgie, Old King Cole, Humpty Dumpty and Little Miss Muffit. 
  • Any folk or fairy tale character like Robin Hood, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Goldilocks, a dwarf, a fairy, an elf, a dragon, a witch.
  • Characters from history like Romans, Vikings, Queens, Kings, pirates, bushrangers, soldiers and convicts. 
  •  Any character from a book – eg Harry Potter, Wally and Waldo, Cat in the Hat, Deltora Quest stars, Rowan of Rin, Fudge from Superfudge etc. 

Just look at what you have in the cupboard and modify it a bit.  There is no need to get carried away.  The object of the Book Parade is to raise awareness of books and reading, to make it fun, to be in the ‘spirit of things' and for all children to participate. 

Are there any prizes for the best costumes?  No, it's just for fun.

What is NOT ALLOWED as part of a ‘dress – up' costume?  Children arenot allowed to have guns, knives or any other weapon as part of their costume. They also cannot have skate boards, scooters or rollerblades as part of their costume. 

Do the children come dressed in their costumes?  Yes, or you could come in at recess time to dress them.

Who can come?Parents, grandparents or anyone else important to your child are most welcome at the school for the Book Parade. 

Is there anything on afterwards?  Yes, there is a Scholastic Book Fair in the Library where children and parents can purchase books. 

Any problems?   See your child's teacher or Mr Lemmon in the Library.