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Musical Notes Sent Home from 1C and 1P

1P - Musical Note
Dear Parents/Caregivers,
The countdown is now on for the school musical! 
Since the last note sent out, there has been some minor changes in costume ideas. We are still keeping the athlete theme, howeverALL black e.g. boys a black t-shirt and black shorts/pants and for the girls black leggings/skirt. It would be much appreciated if you could add sweat head/wrist bands of any colour, to add to the athlete look. Also, please wear girls hair in a high pony tail. 
Additionally, I have given back costumes to students who have brought them to class due to some changes for dress rehearsals and performance days. On Thursday the 27thAugust students will have their first dress rehearsal at Erina High School and we would like all students to come to school already dressedin their costumes so that we can spend time adding the extra features at school and get straight on the bus to Erina. The same will apply to the Matinee Performance on Wednesday 2ndSeptember. Please ensure you are at school on timefor those days.
Thank you so much for your support and understanding.
Miss Pagan
1C - Musical Note
Dear Parents/Caregivers,
The school musical is very fast approaching and we are getting ready for our wonderful performance! Next week Thursday 27thAugust we will be having our dress rehearsal. For our costumes, we have most of the items already, however will require a few additions for you to bring to add that special touch!
 Boys - Black school shorts with long footy socks and joggers.
Girls - Black leggings with white socks and joggers. Hair in two pig tails.
Please make sure all students are here ON TIME next Thursday as we have to get changed quickly so that we are on the bus at 9.15am to Erina High School.
We appreciate your support.
Thank you,
Mrs Collins.