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One of our goals in our three year plan is to phase out paper copies of the school newsletter in favour of a digital version.

The first step in this is to establish a Facebook page and a Twitter account so that we can send the link for the newsletter to parents.

Parents won't have to join Facebook or Twitter as the newsletter will still be available on our website. The use of Facebook and Twitter is just a way to send a reminder, to those that use these services, that the newsletter is ready for viewing.

Of course if you are not an internet user you will still have the option of receiving a paper copy.

During this transition period we will send both the paper copy home to all families and post to our social media sites. In a couple of weeks we will give families the chance to opt out of receiving a paper copy.

As we develop our use of social media we will use these services to provide reminders to parents about school events and news.

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