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Wow our Birthday Party Spectacular was amazing.

Over 1000 tickets sold to the concerts.

  • Every student had the opportunity to perform and they did an awesome job!
  • Congratulations to our very talented and dedicated staff. Not only are we lucky to have a creative bunch with the ability to choreograph routines, design costumes and manage the whole production but we also appreciate that they more willing to give so much of their time to the concert.
  • The actual performances are the obvious result of the efforts of staff but it is the unseen efforts that I want to acknowledge. The teachers that spent hours putting together costumes at home, late at night after doing their usual class preparation work, teachers that gave up important sport events so they could work at the concert, teachers that spent 80 mins with 30+ excited students in the holding rooms out the back of the hall, teachers that put in hours of work to set up and pack up the hall. It wasn't only the teachers though that contributed – our office staff, Adrian (our GA), our university interns and our teachers aides worked hard to support the teachers and work on the night. Our teachers and staff do this because they value the opportunity for the students – they don't receive any overtime or extra payment for the extra work, stress and talent.
  • This was a school community event and I also want to acknowledge the many parents that helped with costumes, props, transport, make-up, pack up chairs and in many other ways. Also to the many partners, sons, daughters and future sons-in-laws of staff members that also helped out with the production. Thanks also to the P & C for running a canteen, taking photos and supporting the concert.
  • I also want to acknowledge Erina High School. We are fortunate to be part of the Erina Learning Community and our partnership with Erina HS is strong. Thanks to Mr Phil Sweeney, the Acting Principal of Erina High School, for the use of the high school's facilities and equipment.
  • Finally thank you to all of the parents, grandparents and other family and friends that attended the concert. Your energy and appreciation was very welcomed by the students.